Fang-Yi Chu

I take object as three-dimensional image, medium for expressing subjective consciousness and emotions, and representation of memories, emotions, imagination inspired by the surroundings. I adopt images of living items from ancient times till now, and transform those images into abstractive contour through deformation, division and reformation of images. Thus, people will think and seek for familiar figures exist in their mind, and those figures have ever shared by people in the form of memory, emotion, imagination, and language.

Every human being uses its own living experience and cognition to interpret the unidentified figure and imagination. For example, people will search for an interpretation and explanation from their memories to perceive a familiar object; but if a correct answer is not found, they begin to think, imagine, and explore in the unknown field, till finding a memory of image that is familiar yet not confirmative. I deeply believe that we have memory and fondness towards some images laying in our subconscious. One image doesn’t always remind us of exactly the same experience and memory; on the contrary, similar experience and memory may not reflect on the same image. Images can be simplified and abstract symbols of objects, and sharing language for communication. I hope to keep recalling the deeply hidden visual images and memories in people’s mind through those objects.


Fang-Yi Chu


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Taipei chinois

CV CHU Fang-Yi