Li Hongwei

My work is a response to my intuition and my imagination which live beyond my conscious thinking—and which do not conform to a narrative design or descriptive analysis. I try to create work that will hold on to these intuitive feelings – my desire, tensions, happiness – feelings that happen at the moment, that express things not really real in the physical world known through the senses, but real in my imagination. I try to capture the look and feel of the landscape in the misty time just before sunrise. I like walking between trees when the fog makes the scene very blurry and indistinct. I can feel the mystery, deep enough to make the whole world feel transformed. It feels as if the trees are breathing too. I am inspired by that feeling at that moment and try to capture it in my work. I purposely do not reveal too much. The feeling of breathability, of air passing through and around things, is important to me.


Li Hongwei


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