Paul Scott

Paul Scott is well known for his research into ceramics and print; he has lectured and exhibited widely in Europe, North America and Australia. He was awarded a Phd Fellowship at Manchester Institute for Research and Innovation in Art and Design, Manchester Metropolitan University in 2008
His work involves the digital manipulation of established vocabularies of printed motif, pattern and image from industrial ceramic archives and engraved book illustration. Cloning and collaging these, sometimes with photographic elements, he creates contemporary artworks in ceramic and printed form. The altered ready-mades, hand-built sculptural vignettes and architectural interventions are all characterized by a blue and white semiotic. Together with a focus on pastoral landscapes and chinoiserie, Scott’s work draws on the cultural wallpaper in our minds, playing with our sense of the familiar.
He is Professor 2 at KHiO, Oslo National Academy of the Arts


Paul Scott


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