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Much of my work over the years has evolved from on early interest in pottery, and particularly in ‘pottery space’:  interior, self-contained, a locus for imagination.  One way or another, container/containment has permeated much of what I’ve done.

This body of work began over 15 years ago with a return to the bowl form.  It was initially driven by surface --- the 2D side of ceramics --- and by my wanting to engage with aspects of the decorative: pattern, motif, and symbol.  But while these elements remain it would seem that form --- the 3D side of ceramics --- is also driving things once again.

At bottom my work has always been about finding a language intrinsic to ceramics: about mining its duality as a raw, ‘natural’ material with a vast history as one of the hallmarks of ‘culture’.  Yet where seemingly clear distinctions can be made (e.g. past/present, bio/tech, form/surface), I tend to seek the overlaps, the space in-between, this and that.  Perhaps this could be considered a form of resistance.