Membership solidarity Fund


Ivan Albreht, Contact, 2014, photo by artist


The development of the Academy and the opening to a truly international network are at the heart of the issues raised by the Council. The aim is to enable all those who contribute to the promotion of the ceramic community to qualify as members of the IAC. The active support of the Council and the individual commitment of some members have allowed candidates from Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan and India to join the Academy.

We would like to emphasise that these steps which allow access to cultural openness should not remain isolated, but become a general commitment maintained by the existing members. In order to do this, the IAC would ask members who wish to encourage universal representation of the ceramic culture, irrespective of limiting concepts of international norms, to contribute to a support fund – Membership Solidarity.

>>>>Donate to the fund Membership Solidarity  

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This fund will allow us to offer registration fees or annual fees tailored to the financial situation of those wishing to become or remain members.



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