Treasure Bowl Collection


The International Academy of Ceramics Council is pleased to announce “The Treasure Bowl Collection” is open for acquisition. Developed from 2016 to 2018, this collection is unique in contemporary ceramics. Funds from the purchase of this collection will go to support the work of the IAC throughout the world.

The theme of the collection, “Native Clay”, was a natural choice. Curator Rheem explained the theme in the following words, which are offered in more detail in her essay included in the accompanying catalogue for the collection: The meaning of ‘Native’ can no longer be limited to a geographical category. Native includes the unique characteristics of an individual formed by the environment, by history and by the culture of one’s homeland or specific place where he or she resides.

Through the fundamental act of shaping a bowl, the invited artists used their remarkable traditional and contemporary skills to express the concepts of native self and common values. For the ceramic artist, the bowl is an archetypal form. In all its variations, it is an iconic object symbolic of universal human consciousness and necessity. Its expressive potential as the voice of many cultures testifies to its great artistic value.

The Treasure Bowl Collection is the result of a rare collaboration of 10 international artists and curator Misun Rheem, all IAC members. Curator Misun Rheem celebrates the IAC philosophy based on the sharing of knowledge and friendship.

Artworks in this first edition were made by: 

– Abbas Akbari (Iran)
– Philippe Barde (Switzerland)
– Janet DeBoos (Australia)
– Wayne Higby (United States)
– Kyung Jo Roe (South Korea)
– Toshio Ohi Chozaemon XI (Japan)
– Gustavo Pérez (Mexico)
– Ann Van Hoey (Belgium)
– Wen Yeh (Chinese Taipei)
– Fiona Lai Ching Wong (Hong Kong)

Bowl detail, Toshio Ohi Chozaemon XI (Japan)


This edition is made of 12 numbered sets, each composed of 10 bowls signed by the respective artists. A certificate attests to the authenticity of all artworks. The limitation to 12 sets and 10 artists makes this edition a unique achievement in the world of contemporary ceramics.

The collection could not have been possible without international philanthropy. The IAC therefore extends its utmost gratitude to the two patrons who agreed to support this project financially, even before the artworks existed. Their trust in the IAC and its members makes the TBC an important step in the association’s history.

In addition to the initial support of those art benefactors, the Musée Ariana in Switzerland and the Alfred Ceramic Art Museum in the United States have each committed to acquiring 1 set of the Treasure Bowl Collection. A few sets are still available for acquisition for those wishing to help the International Academy of Ceramics continue to support the quality and diversity of ceramic art around the globe. Thank you for your consideration. Become a patron of the IAC.

The acquisition price of each collection set starts at CHF 18,000.

A second edition of the “Treasure Bowl Collection” is currently underway and will be presented at the IAC Congress in Rovaniemi, Finland, in July 2020.

Please contact the IAC Secretariat for further details, by email or by phone:
/ +41 22 418 54 76.



Ariana Museum
TBC Exhibition from September 2nd until November 3rd 2019, with the vernissage on October 3rd from 6:15pm to 7pm during the 6th IAC Day.

Révélations Fair
TBC Exhibition at the 4th edition of the international biannual fine arts and crafts fair ‘Révélations’, which was held in the Grand Palais in Paris from May 23rd to 26th 2019.

Yingge Ceramics Museum
TBC Exhibition in September 2018 at the Yingge Ceramics Museum, in New Taipei City, in the context of the IAC 2018 Congress.


Photo credits: Guillaume Mausset


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Treasure Bowl Collection 2


The second Treasure Bowl Collection can now be viewed online.

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