The interactive map of Ceramic World Destinations

It is my pleasure to announce the launch of the website: Ceramic World Destinations. It has been a project three years in development and was created initially for you, the IAC member, to highlight and share our revered institutions.

But it was also intended for the general public, so that they may uncover the global and universal appeal of clay and learn about its history, variable forms, and how its ubiquitous footprint permeates virtually every culture in the world. 

Travel planners, collectors, historians, anthropologists and the seasoned traveler will find this vetted, exclusive, interactive database a valuable resource for inspiration, education and connection.

Judith Schwartz, IAC Vice President

My more than 30 years as an IAC member provided me with the opportunity to travel to multiple ceramic destinations where socialisation and shared interests provided the experiences, memories and most of all valuable friendships that have made this undertaking so significant for me.

This project would not have been possible without the support of so many of you who have shared your favorite destinations. Thank you for adding locations, not only close to home, but in far-off places as well. Since the site is a vibrant ongoing entity, I encourage you to continue to add to it using the form in the menu bar on the site.


I also wish to thank IAC collector member from the USA, Rick Rodgers, who generously provided the grant for the construction of the website. Our web designer William Resen Davidson was ingenious in creating programs and scripts to convert raw data to map locations. We were in constant touch working on a variety of images, flags, shapes and systems that would work across all digital platforms.

My special thanks go to the IAC Council who voted a hearty yes when I first proposed the idea, to the Executive Committee and Torbjørn Kvasbø for his encouragement, to administrator Charlyne Kolly who worked so assiduously to add CWD to the IAC website, and to the communications committee who planned the launch on social media.


Please spread the word among your contacts and on your social media accounts to make this an even bigger event for our academy. My intention is that CWD brings us closer together while, at the same time, bringing the IAC to the world. 

So now, during this time of restricted travel, the literally thousands of destinations on the site have become an alternative means for “travel,” opening up new opportunities for planning and future visits. I am sure you will be, as I have been, inspired by venues that are to be found in this valuable resource.

Destinations include museums, galleries, stores, manufacturers, local events, institutions, cultural sites and other ceramic-oriented venues. Also included are artist residency programs and artist studios open to the public. Now, no ceramics destination is ever more than a few clicks away.

Judith Schwartz, PhD, IAC Vice President


Ceramic World Destinations has been created to reveal the universal appeal of clay. At a time of restricted travel, the thousands of destinations listed on this interactive website provide an alternative means for visiting the diversity of venues for those seeking the broadest possible exposure to this timeless material. 

The website is simple to navigate. Upon opening, a map of the world is presented. One then simply focuses on a specific geographic region and is presented with flags indicating relevant websites. No destination is ever more than a click away.


Destinations include museums, galleries, design stores, manufacturers, local events, institutions, cultural sites and other ceramic-oriented venues. Also included are artist residency programs and artist studios open to the public.

Ceramic World Destinations is sponsored and maintained by the International Academy of Ceramics and has been a collaborative effort by its members. 

You may contribute suggestions for the inclusion of overlooked ceramic destinations by going to this link: