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IAC members’ Exhibition, Barcelona 2016


 – « I Support My IAC» is a solidarity action engaging all our members to contribute to the IAC budget with a supporting contribution of CHF 250.- for an individual member and CHF 400.- for a collective member. This supporting contribution does not entail any particular grant of privileges but will be renewed automatically each year.

– As an alternative to the “I Support my IAC” action, I make an occasional contribution of any amount that I wish, to the benefit of the IAC Fund.

Click on a link below according to your membership. Thank you for your generosity

Membership fee I support My IAC individual member CHF 250.-


Membreship fee I support My IAC affiliate member CHF 400.-


If you wish use another payment method than Paypal , please contact the office or note on your transfer “I support My IAC”. Details about payment methods on the web page “Payment information”.


Why is the action “I Support My IAC” necessary?


The IAC has existed for 65 years, extends over 55 countries and regions, and currently has more than 550 members. Many of them, artists and institutions, are positioned among the most prominent representatives of the ceramic world. The IAC aims at developing its network and representing the ceramic culture at its broadest. To do so, the Academy has showcased the high quality ceramic artworks of its members since 1955, a landmark year during which the first IAC members exhibition was held in Cannes. Once every two years, the IAC settles for a few days in a different city and promotes the ceramic arts and crafts with steadfast dedication. Barcelona was lately awarded the title of ” world capital of ceramics” thanks to our presence there. In Dublin, in 2014, 17 distinguished lecturers debated in turns on the challenges for ceramics in art and throughout the ages and technologies. In Paris, in 2010, 37 galleries exhibited ceramic works, and this was a first in the French capital. Similar ambitious events were also held in Santa Fe, XiAn, Icheon, Athens, Waterloo, Nagoya, Prag, Istanbul, Edinburgh, Sydney, Valencia, etc. Such events shall be organized, with the help of IAC members and any interested individuals, in all regions that are home to ceramic artists and craftspeople. Since 2013, the election of new members allowed us to extend our network to India, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan and Iran, all of which may be host countries for our future Congresses. On the 2017 call for candidacy, the Council will evaluate submissions with this in mind, in order to extend our reach and represent the highest levels of quality and skills within the multifarious ceramic cultures.


Activities promoted by the Academy (Congresses, IAC Days in Geneva, elections of new members, projects carried out together with the UNESCO, support to various international ceramic cultural events: Biennales, Symposiums, etc.) are the voices of an active, independent, cross-cultural and contemporary ceramic culture. They are beneficial to the ceramic outreach and that of the IAC community. For this very community to be accessible to all, the IAC decided to adapt its requirements in low-income situations (through the “special consideration” status, the senior member fee and the invitation to apply*). Those specific measures were approved by the Council in order that membership criteria match up with principles of unity and solidarity. Those are values that the IAC holds dear and that we implement in the context of our partnership with the UNESCO. Such a thinking, commitment and exchange process, essential to concretization of projects such as “Clay for Peace”, requires the support of a close-knit and proactive community.

In our strive to carry out our mission the best we can, support our members and develop our network and our activities, we ask those of our members who can afford it to contribute with “I Support My IAC”.

* The invitation to apply allows candidates of emerging countries to enjoy a discount on their member fees or a fee exemption altogether.


Payment of membership fee

Membership fees have to be paid at the beginning of each year.

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The Academy is committed to achieving large scale projects that promote ceramic culture and debate, exchange, reflection and the sharing of knowledge.

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