Helena Andersson

At her exhibition at Kunstmaand Ameland in Holland 2019, Helena Andersson were presented her latest work for wall, the Matter and Light serie; square and rectangular modules in different groupings, made of glazed stoneware in combination with folded and ground brass plates. Tenmoku, nuka, celadon and oribe are names of the high fired glazes that has been used to paint the abstract motifs. By assembling several modules, the work grows in size without losing the original geometry.

… »It is true that landscapes inspire me greatly, above all in relief, but when I work, in my mind I am not trying to imitate the orography”, Helena Andersson says.

Without any doubt everything in Helena Andersson´s work is eminently intuitive, which does not mean that she does not have significant knowledge and experience of her profession, but rather the complete opposite. These two aspects, which could even seem contradictory, in her case make for an explosive combination which defines the reason for the existence of her ceramic sculptures. The result is simply fascinating; it makes her work brilliant and gives her sculptures a presence which is as impressive as it is expressive.

By María Jesús Sarmiento, a freelance writer and art critic, specialising in contemporary ceramics.


Helena Andersson


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