Jørgen Hansen

Jørgen Hansen is a Danish artist that since 1994 has been making huge glowing sculptures on special sites around the world. The central actor in the theatre of the work is the fire, the force for material change and the symbol of unpredictability. For him clay is also symbolic of the Alpha and Omega of existence and is both concrete and abstract. One of the most remarkable works is Verwandlungskreis, an 8-ton large multi-walled clay piece made in the centre of Berlin 2002.

Jørgen Hansen’s sculptures accentuate the changing and evolving states of nature and human existence. The sense of making history and participating in change in a real-time experience is the enduring memory that one carries away from these ephemeral works.

– Professor Vince McGrath, University of Tasmania


Somebody in the audience wrote after the last project: “There was a pause, around the fire, which has something magical that I have not managed to explain yet, and everyone felt closer to each other, witnessing the becoming of a piece which represented this unity. I noticed that girl, I think she was Portuguese, she started crying and I felt her feelings, I cried as well and I could understand how she felt. The celebration that night was uniting people.”


Jørgen Hansen


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