Giuseppe Olmeti

Giuseppe Olmeti is General Secretary and Coordinator of the Italian Association of Cities of Ceramics (AiCC), established in 1999 to preserve and enhance Italian Ceramic Art and Craft.

The members are currently 40 Cities of affirmed ceramic tradition, acknowledged by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, steadily expanding.

Since 2015, AiCC has organized Buongiorno Ceramica (Good Morning Ceramics), the week-end of Italian Ceramics, with a rich programme of events across the Country, giving the public the chance discovering craftsmen, artists, ceramic workshops, ateliers and museums of ceramics.
Buongiorno Ceramica is held every year in the third week-end of May, in Italy and in some other European countries, too.

AiCC is also among the founding members of the European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation Cities of Ceramics (AEuCC), established in 2014 with the aim of developing actions of territorial and transnational cooperation in the field of Ceramic Art and Craft. The members of AEuCC are similar national associations in France, Spain, Romania, currently enlarging to other Countries (Germany, Portugal, Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia and more). Website:

AEuCC promoted the creation and is partner of several projects granted by EU, such as Cerasmus+ (Erasmus+) and CLAY (Interreg Europe).

AiCC promotes many other projects in the ceramic field:
– Argillà Italia, of which AiCC has been founder in 2008 and manager until 2016 (
– Grand Tour: a promotional traveling exhibition of ceramic craft works from the italian tradition (
– Fame ConCreta: a project enhancing the link between food and ceramics (
– Mater Ceramica: a project aiming at deepening the knowledge of the Italian ceramic sector in all its fields (industry, craft, art) in order to spread this knowledge for cultural and promotional purposes (
– Promotion of Italian ceramics in Europe and in the world.


Giuseppe Olmeti


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