Ciprian Ariciu

I am trying to bring important elements in my works, aspects that we pass by every day and do not notice; small things, though vital for our spiritual life. My works seek harmony, balance, approaching organic elements (nature). These speak about me, about us. This harmony is the primordial law for me, the Law of the Universe that guides us all. As an artist, I enjoy sharing the gift of creation with those who love art or not, with those who understand it or with those who do not understand, but contemplate it. My shapes represent what I feel is lacking in our world, as a bridge between human and Divine, between body and Heart, between earth and Fire, as art really is the key (relation) element between humans and Divinity. Hence what is made only physically, without heart, cannot be called art. Each and every one of my works bears a bit of my heart.
This is how I chose to offer people a part of myself; the best part of myself.


Ciprian Ariciu


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