Jenny Beavan

My inspiration comes from movement in relation to natural change, as seen in changing states of matter – decay, disintegration, relocation and reformation – in particular the role ‘water’ plays in this action.

Working with mainly ‘white’ bodies and slips – processed china clay, porcelain and china clay matrix as dug, I call upon and revise my well-practised yet often simple techniques. This can involve working directly from a block of clay; building and cutting up clay stacks; taking clay impressions from natural and man-made forms. In order to extend and capture a sense of change in my work I combine indigenous and combustible material from places of inspiration, with wet clay slip re-subjecting each piece of work through a physical and stressful passage of change. This process of making, allows for the unexpected, which helps me to gain new insights into movement, change and the potential of process.

The intention in my work is to set up scenarios in which the constancy of change can be explored, by ultimately capturing a moment, hopefully one that reflects the importance of both the physical and the spiritual in its final form.


Jenny Beavan


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