La Meridiana International School of Ceramics

La Meridiana is a non-profit institution for the advancement of the ceramic arts that has been founded in 1981 by Pietro Elia Maddalena. The school is set in a restored 17th century farmhouse, in the centre of Tuscany, land of Etruscan and Roman culture, medieval architecture and renaissance splendour.

La Meridiana runs a wide range of courses that encompass a year round programme, including two long term courses, offered to respond to a need for qualified development in the field of functional ceramics and a residency programme.

Our goal is to offer a meeting ground to the broader clay community, where to share a passion, learn from renowned instructors and from fellow students, forge new friendships, enjoy the pleasures of Italian life; all conductive to a fruitful and rewarding learning experience.


La Meridiana International School of Ceramics


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