Wei LI

I am Li Wei from China. I have been working in the arts for thirty years. My respect for Chinese culture, my devotion to traditional painting and calligraphy, my infatuation with purple sand art, my interest in the texture of materials, my concern for contemporary art, and my dissatisfaction with all the “ready-made” and “perfect” art have all been represented in my works in the form of art. I have a broad focus on art and a special perspective, so I find diversity nourishes and complements each other. My works have a wide range of themes and rich forms. My works are ambitious and thick, containing passion and vitality. In my creation, I always turn scenery into feelings and integrate my deep understanding of human life and social reality. By virtue of my love for nature, my deep understanding of the laws of nature and my understanding of the cosmology of “the unity of man and nature”, I integrate my true feelings into the ideal artistic realm.