Jana Bednarkova Kenney

Independent French/American ceramic artist born in Czech Republic, with extensive professional experience in creating artwork, developing, and teaching variety of art programs, and promoting ceramics internationally.

She earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in Ceramics at the University of Applied Arts, Prague. Afterwards, she immigrated to France and established the Artaim Studio and Gallery, and a Non-profit organization for ceramic art, in central Paris. She founded the annual “Céramique 14 Paris” exhibition and organized it for five years. Jana also presented Contemporary French Ceramics at the 2008 NCECA conference and created the International Ceramics Exchange/French Connection exhibition in 2015 in San Diego.

Her ceramics has been exhibited in many countries including Japan and Korea.

After her successful seventeen-year career in Paris and two years of work in Hawaii in JBK Studio in Kailua, she moved to San Diego, California to pursue her artistic vision.

Jana Bednarkova Kenney is a member of International Academy of Ceramics/L’Academie Internationale de Ceramique since 2001.


Jana Bednarkova Kenney