Membership fee 2018

We kindly ask you to pay your annual member fee as soon as January or when receiving the first request for payment, using the online invoice which is available on your member account. This online invoice gives you the possibility to pay with PayPal.

The invoice system that we set up in 2015 informs us directly of any payment through PayPal and automatically records the information in the IAC database. This saves us the hassle of accounting errors and allows our office staff to save on time to focus on other tasks.

We wish to emphasize that PayPal is a secure payment system and that it is not necessary to have an account with PayPal in order to use it, since this service gives you the possibility to pay with credit card. To choose this option, click on “Pay without PayPal account”, enter your credit card information and follow the procedure to complete payment. A PayPal receipt will be sent to you directly.


The invoice system sends our members a request for payment (see example) which notifies that payment of the member fee is due. The link included in this message allows you to access the portal page of the members area, where the invoice is located.

We noticed that email addresses ending
with .edu and email addresses of domain names redirect our invoice notification emails in the recipient’s spam box. If you have not received your request for payment in 2018 please go to your spam box and retrieve our emails sent from or and mark it as “not spam”. Where necessary, you can also modify your email account settings so that all our emails sent from always be delivered to your inbox.


Object: IAC Member Fee
Date of invoice: 30-01-2018
Payable under 30 days
Member fee 2018 CHF 150.-
Many thanks for your support.
Detailed invoice, access to your member account:

IAC Office



Members can create or update their personal pages in their private member accounts.

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I support My IAC

Why is the action "I Support My IAC" necessary?

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