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Gundi Dietz

The Academy is committed to achieving large scale  projects that promote ceramic culture and debate, exchange, reflection and the sharing of knowledge. Influences from its international networks are expressed at global, regional and local levels with attention to particularities of integration and specifics of context.

Ceramic is a material and medium with multiple fields of application: art, design, architecture and  applied scientific research. The IAC aims to promote all these components in collaboration with artists, practitioners, and institutions that currently operate internationally.

These multiple objectives can only be achieved with your support. Thank you.




This is a heartfelt thank-you note that the IAC extends to donors for their precious support and steadfast commitment. 


Erna Aaltonen, Rod Bamford, Ester Beck, Curtis Benzle, Sharbani Das Gupta, Jacques Kaufmann, Tørbjørn Kvasbø, James Lawton, Linda Lighton Adkins, Enrique Mestre-Estelles, Paula Murray, Isabelle Naef Galuba, Richard Rogers, Evelyne Schoenmann


Victor Anicet, Doris Becker, Anna Calluori Holcombe, Oriol Calvo Vergés, Aileen Castañeda, Monique Crick, Yuxiang DAI, Greg Daly, Diana Davila, Redo del Olmo, Galina Dulkina, Elizabeth Dychter, Simone Fraser, Lynn Frydman Kuhn, Yoshimi Futamura, Cécile Grandgirard, Toni Hambleton, Robert Harrison, Wayne Higby, Bill Hunt, Agnès Husz, Sung Jae Choi, Lee Jong Min, Jonathan Kaplan, Jacques Kaufmann, Yoojoo Kim, Gudrun Klix, Gabriele Koch, Phyllis Kudder Sullivan, Torbjørn Kvasbø, Stéphanie Le Follic-Hadida, Martin McWilliam, Ray Meeker, Lee Middleman, Paula Murray, Isabelle Naef Galuba, Ivonne Pratts, Richard Rogers, Evelyne Schoenmann, Anne Claire Schumacher, Judith Schwartz, Anja Seiler, Ömür Tokgöz, Ann van Hoey, Monique Wuarin, Guangzhen ZHOU, La Meridiana International School of Ceramics et Spanish Association of Cities of Ceramics.


Erna Aaltonen, Victor Anicet, Anna Calluori Holcombe, Hyeyoung Cho, Fabien Clerc, Lynn Frydman Kuhn, Wayne Higby, James Lawton, Michael Moore, Isabelle Naef Galuba, Evelyne Schoenman, Anne Claire Schumacher, Judith Schwartz, Ann van Hoey, Prue Venables, Lise Zambelli.


Erna Aaltonen, Victor Anicet, Ester Beck, Anna Calluori Holcombe, Diana Dávila, Shabanali Ghorbani, Lynn Frydman Kuhn, Jonathan Kaplan, Torbjørn Kvasbø, Elisabeth Langsch Wasserfallen, Wan Liya, Isabelle Naef Galuba, Piotr Nowak, Richard Rogers, Evelyne Schoenmann, Emili Sempere, Xiaoming SHI, Linda Sikora, Penny Smith, Ann Van Hoey, Monique Wuarin, Lise Zambelli


Erna Aaltonen, Curtis Benzle, Anna Calluori Holcombe, Lynn Frydman Kuhn, Müller. – b -, Isabelle Naef-Galuba, Martha Eugenia Pachon Rogriguez, Richard Rogers, Linda Sikora, Susanne Stephenson, Mercè Tiana, Estefania Valls Urquijo


Victor Anicet, Ester Beck, Margareta Daepp, Zhou Guangzhen, Jacques Kaufmann, Lynn Frydman Kuhn, Isabelle Naef Galuba, Suku Park, The Pottery Workshop Jingdezhen, Richard Rogers, Judith Schwartz, Mercè Tiana, Ann Van Hoey 

2016 – 2017

Victor Anicet, Ester Beck, Les Blakebrough, Viorica Bocioc, Joe Bova, Anna Calluori Holcombe, Janet DeBoos, Martha Drexler Lynn, Heinz Gerber-Mauer, Toni Hambleton, Wayne Higby, Jonathan Kaplan, Jacques Kaufmann, Bin Lu, Martin McWilliam, Ann Mortimer, Isabelle Naef Galuba, Martha Eugenia Pachon Rogriguez,, Suku Park, Richard Rogers, Judith Schwartz, Mitsuo Shoji, Susanne Stephenson, Mercè Tiana, Wu Xiangdong, Zheng Zhi, Dingfang Zhou and Guangzhen Zhou.


YongKang Yao, Isabel Barbaformosa, Wayne Higby, Guangzhen Zhou, Suku Park, Les Blakebrough, Heinz Gerber-Mauer, Jacques Kaufmann, Toni Hambleton, Elisabeth Langsch Wasserfallen, Ester Beck, Martha Eugenia Pachon Rogriguez, Isabelle Naef Galuba, Victor Anicet, Katherine L. Ross, Ann Mortimer, Susanne Stephenson and Judith Schwartz.

Mathe Coullery Fund

The Mathe Coullery Fund is linked to projects in connection with IAC affiliation to UNESCO. This includes social, cultural and sponsorship projects.

The late Mathe Coullery, Secretary General of the Academy, left us several years ago. To honour her, to commemorate her passion for ceramics and remain true to her commitment, the Mathe Coullery Fund was created to allow the Academy to support projects and ceramists. Thanks to your donations, the IAC has been able to help several Japanese ceramists who were affected by the Fukushima disaster.

Mathe Coullery

Mathe Coullery

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IAC Fund

The IAC Fund is linked to IAC development projects. This includes communications, website, publishing, short-term mandates and our biannual general assembly.

The IAC Fund allows the Academy to continue its development and to achieve its aim to better represent members. Since its foundation, more than 60 years ago, the Academy has grown in stature both by the numbers of members and the countries that it is proud to represent. The administrative work that is generated in promoting this international platform of ceramic culture and technology requires an efficient and timely communication. Thanks to your donations, the IAC is committed to updating and improving its operations and communications.

Lonquan Celadon Artist Association

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Membership solidarity Fund

The development of the Academy and the opening to a truly international network are at the heart of the issues raised by the Council.

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Payment information

To facilitate your transactions, IAC makes available many payment methods.

Thank you for you active involvement.

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