The International Academy of Ceramics (IAC), in collaboration with the organization of the IAC Congress in Barcelona in 2016, proposes the realization of an exhibition open to all members at the new prestigious Museum of Design, the Design Hub Barcelona (Dhub).

The topic of the Congress and the title of the exhibition is:

“Ceramics in Architecture and Public Space” / IAC members’ exhibition


Members who wish to participate in the exhibition can propose a work that is related to the topic, either in a direct or symbolic, imaginative or poetic way. Each member can choose a personal approach to the theme, and may develop it in several ways, for example:

— Architectural elements
— Public Sculpture
— Object
— Urban andscape
— Mural
— Interventions in space. Installations,
     (Indoor, outdoor)
— Action, performance
— Other

Whatever orientation the member chooses for his/her work, it will be accompanied by a short statement, which will be included in the exhibition and in the catalog.

Depending on the proposal, submissions may be in the form of images, video, models, etc… and ceramics, of course, in order to realize the intentions of the project or the production of the work.

The application form is available on the members-only area and is to be returned no later than January 31, 2016. To access the private area click here.



The exhibition will be displayed for a period of 6 weeks in one of the exhibition room of the Design Hub Barcelona. The opening is fixed on September 13th.
The selected works must remain on view for the duration of the exhibition.
The works delivered after deadline will not be accepted.
The works will be sent back, latest one month after the end of the exhibition.

Artists’ statement:
May include the conceptual position of the artist regarding the theme, a description of the creative process, etc….
Maximum size: up to 300 words. Word format (.doc)

Languages for documentation
All the documents must be written in one of the following languages of the Congress: English, French, Catalan, Spanish.

Formats of the works
– For volumetric pieces: 1 cubic meter
Maximum weight: 500 Kg
– For panels or similar works to be exhibited on a wall: 2 meters maximum (linear or wide)
-For installations: maximum 2 square meters
– Photography: one or several photographs, in total 2 meters maximum (linear or wide)
-Video: digital material will be accepted under this format: mov, mp4, Mpeg, DVD, etc… to be checked by Host Exhibition Commission.
Maximum duration: 10 min.
-A high quality picture has to be provided together with the video for documentation.
-Additional comment: the format of the works might be changed, under request and motivation of the artist, and approval of the Exhibition Committee.

All shipping costs, both ways, are the responsibility of the IAC members.

The organization will contract insurance for all damages during the displaying period.
The organization is not responsible for damages during transportation.

A digital catalogue, with the possibility of a printed version on demand will be produced. It will include a picture of the selected work(s) and information about the concept and the author. The statement will be accepted and published in one of the 4 languages of the Congress.

Selection criteria
The Exhibition Committee will select the works to accomplish the requirements of the theme, and insure that the proposition is adapted to the possibilities and limitation of space.

A proposal will be refused if it doesn’t fit the theme.

Application procedure, number of works to be proposed, and displayed works in exhibition

Members will be invited to submit up to 3 images of work through an online submission procedure. Online form available soon on the Congress website.
The works will have to be related to the theme of the exhibition.
Images must be 300 dpi (print quality) to be considered in the first instance.

The Exhibition Committee has the responsibility to check and approve the quality of the pictures provided by the artists.

The Exhibition Committee will choose one or more works from each artist to be displayed.
Works submitted for consideration must be available for delivery at the member’s exhibition.

Members have to check in advance and assume packing, shipping, and insurance costs. Members will be asked to send (not bring) their work to the host country. In order to allow enough time for delivery, customs clearance, curatorial decisions and display, strict deadlines for reception of works will be determined by the Host.

Members who will not follow these rules will not be allowed to have their works exhibited.

Special arrangements can be made through special communication with the Exhibition Committee.

Final destination of the works, after exhibition
When a work is donated, information will be given about the host institution in Barcelona and/or Spain.

3 possibilities are offered to the members concerning their work after the exhibition:

A: return to the sender, (who assumes the transport costs for it)
B: donation to a cultural official institution of the host country
C: donation to the IAC (the transportation costs are covered by the Ariana museum or by the IAC)

In this last case, the artist approves the following 2 possibilities:
– donation to the Ariana Museum
– donation to the IAC for sponsoring IAC activities, through selling.

The repartition of the donations between the IAC and the Ariana Museum IAC Collection will be taken by an IAC special Commission and the Ariana Museum, with communication with the artist.




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