Hana Novotna

The theme of my creative activities since year 2000 was a purposeful use and participation of light in the material form, colouration and shades of objects to integrate them with expected effects and intensity of light movements. « Empty places » this is the installation based on drawings and paper objects. Silver painting on the surface of porcelain plates reflects the light and change the surface all the time. The same motive was used also in a spatial variant. In « Empty spaces » the effects of light and shadows is inside individual interspaces. The metallic surface reflects the light and the places haul it and process it inside. The cycle « Sieves » are perforated porcelain plates enclosed in and delimited with a metallic screen. Light together with shades create the volume and form of the object. We can see transformations depending on the movement of light in time. This is a synthesis of something changing and unstable with something concrete and constant. « Recycling » – drilling to the core, the brick changed its practical use and also the original dimensional context. To reuse once already used material is not meant only as an ecological reminder nor surprising interpretation of proverbially known and used object. « Christmas present » – as an evidence of consumed content and consumed lives, which shows the aggregate of uselessness.


Hana Novotna


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