Natalia Khlebtsevich

Graduated from Stroganov Moscow State University of Industrial and Applied Arts, with postgraduate studies in art history in the same school.

Member of the International Academy of Ceramics IAC (Geneva), Moscow Union of Artists, International Artist Federation, Professor of the Stroganov University.

Starting 1993 constantly participated in Russian and International exhibitions. Authored a number of articles dedicated to abstract art in ceramics.

Laureate of the Moscow Union of Artists Award “Youth 2004”. 2009 and 2011 nominee of Kandinsky Price. Collections: Yelagin Museum of Decorative Art, Moscow Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art, private collections in Russia and abroad.

Many of Natalia Khlebtsevich’s installations are marked by the presence of biological components. The primary media of her work are clay and porcelain which, by way of firing, become permanently unchangeable, thus signifying the irrevocable terminality. Juxtaposed to this nominal timelessness, the biological, obviously mortal parts stand as contrapuntal elements embodying life and growth, constantly changing the visual perception of the objects. Some of the installations include light and water and soundtracks epitomizing the passage of time. The work is not in a state of standstill, the accompanying living things and recorded sounds induce the viewers in the process of its creation engaging them to participate in artist’s exploration of human condition and the perception of time.


Natalia Khlebtsevich


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