Ah Leon

Ah Leon, « Leon Style Tea Set » (1990), Collection of New Taipei City Yingge Ceramic Museum

« Introduction to the Functional Aesthetics of Eastern Teaware »


Since Shoji Hamada brought the aesthetic concept “wabi-sabi” of tea bowl to the U.S. and to the western ceramic education in the 1950s, the origination of teaware has been implanted into the hearts of all ceramists. This paper will explain the evolution process of eastern and western tea culture by discussing my research and exchange experiences. The eastern exquisite tea ceremony has been widely applied in Europe and America. 

Nowadays, western ceramists are frequently exposed to tea culture and attempts to make tea pots and teaware that meet the functional standards. Tea culture not only allows ceramists to cultivate the concept of “Zen,” but also gives them a new market. Last but not least, I will introduce various teaware, utensils and artworks in Taiwan to provide a better understanding of eastern tea culture.

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