Sakuliu Pavavalung

Sakuliu Pavavalung, « The Man’s Dance », illustration

« Where the Sun lays its Egg »


According to legend in the tribe, humans originally only had children that were born from Earth in the universe, which were called Qatitan (the created humans), they lived on Earth for generations. Later on, the Sun god decided that he needed a different idea and power to manage the universe; therefore, he laid an egg and placed it in an ancient ceramic pot, which was guarded by a poisonous snake. After ten months, a baby girl was born; Qatitan named the child of the Sun, Mazazangiljan (guardian of the generation), and raised the child. As a result, Mazazangiljan was called as the father and mother of the created people. 

The ancient ceramic pot that was bestowed by the Sun, was called Dredretan by the humans, which meant the Holy infant. The other nickname, Dredreq, meant an infant that has not grown his/her teeth. The use of the name Dredretan to name the pot has significant meanings, it signifies the desire for the birth of new life and pray for prosperity and blessings. Dredretan symbolizes the uterus of the ethnic culture, which is the home for the creators and the Holy ancestors to live in when they visit the human world.

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