Member fee

Your active membership and interest enables the Academy to bring together an international community of members and to work for the promotion of ceramics throughout the world. Your contributions are essential to the development of the IAC.

Individual member
Progressive annual fee between CHF 25 and CHF 250 based on the GDP of the member’s country of residence.
Artist, collector, curator, writer, cultural ambassador, gallerist, restorer, educator

Affiliate member
Progressive annual fee between CHF 50 and CHF 2000 based on the GDP of the member’s country of residence and the institution’s operational budget.
Association, ceramic centre, school, publication, foundation, museum, gallery


Individual member – Senior
Annual fee reduced by 50% of the standard yearly fee.
Individual members who have reached the age of 75 years and have been members of the IAC for at least 30 years are eligible for a reduced membership fee by 50%. The office informs members that they qualify for senior status. Members have to confirm their wish to enjoy a senior member membership fee. Senior members maintain all their rights and privileges of the individual membership. 
Members who have reached 70 years of age and are living on a low income can also request a senior membership (fee reduced by 50%). Written requests must be sent to the Secretariat and will be reviewed and determined by the Executive Committee.


Special Consideration Status
In cases of financial hardship, any member can request special consideration in order to pay a third of the annual membership fee (CHF 50). Such a request is to be made in writing to the Secretariat. The decision to award this status is taken by the Executive Committee and the status can be held for a period of three years.


Loss of Membership 
In the absence of payment of the annual fee within 1 month after the sending of a 2nd reminder, the member loses his/her member rights until payment of outstanding fees is received. 
At the beginning of the following year, the member will receive a final request for fee payment, asking him/her to pay the fees for the previous and current years, and informing him/her of the possibility to request Special Consideration (SC) status or a payment arrangement. 
If no payment is made within 1 month of the final request for fees, the Member is excluded.


Payment of membership fee

Membership fees have to be paid at the beginning of each year.

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Payment information

To facilitate your transactions, IAC makes available many payment methods.

Thank you for you active involvement.

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Members can create or update their personal pages in their private member accounts.

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Funds and Donations

The Academy is committed to achieving large scale projects that promote ceramic culture and debate, exchange, reflection and the sharing of knowledge.

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