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A life « Linking people » : that’s the simple philosophia !
Charles Fillit is consultant specialized in the development of ceramic territories through national and international cooperation.
In 2000 he developped one of the first cross border project linking ceramic territories from France and Spain with European financiation « Medii Aevi »
He founded in 2003 the French Association of ceramic cities AFCC with objective to develop education, promote young artist, production of exhibition, preserve the activities and cultural heritage of the ceramic cities.
In 2004 wiht the entrance in EU of countries from central europa he worked on a project favoring the relation between Slovakia and french ceramic territories.
During 15 years he hold ceramics centers in France. Producing exhibitions and permitting the traveling of artists.
Until 2016 As « director of local policies for clay sector » in Aubagne Municipality, he was the organizer of Argilla bienal : 200 exhibitors/ 100 000 visitors. (Ceramic Market, exhibitions, artists performances). He favoured the relations in order to create Argilla Italia and Argilla Spain.
He developed all actions in 2014 linked with ceramic in the frame of Marseille Capitale de la culture.

He worked on the foundation of the European grouping of territorial Cooperation of ceramic cities EGTC « AEuCC » born in 2014 with the aim of developping interregional cooperation between ceramic territories. In this way the founders were based on the same association model in France, Italy, Spain, Romania.
He use do to conferences about netmork dynamic in diferent places Tessaloniki,Hódmezővásárhely, Antalya, Alcobaca, Delft etc enjoyning artists and cities to built comon actions.
Now he is working on the renewing of French Association of ceramic cities in order to strengthen the links between the public sector of municipalities and the « artists world ».
At the same time he works on the creation of a « 21 century’s education center » for ceramic integrating new technologies, virtual partecipation of wellknown artists and teachers, Fab Lab etc.

Always looking for new ideas to promote ceramic in order to pass from territorial prospective to the implementation of concrete and sustainable actions.


Charles Fillit


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