Hans Börjeson

Hans Börjeson established a workshop together with his wife – and fellow IAC member – Birgitte in Fulby in 1963.

His work is characterised by highfired salt-glazed stoneware, domestic ware and one-off pieces.

He is a member of the Danish Arts and Crafts Association and has worked on commissions in Holland, Sweden, Germany and Denmark.

His artworks are included in the following collections: Thiemanns Collection, Germany, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan, Ceramic Museum Bechynee, Czech Republic,
The National Museum of Stockholm, Sweden, Craft Council Kilkenny, Ireland, Icheon World Ceramic Museum, Korea, Keramikmuseum Westerwald, Germany, International ceramic center Xian, China, Museum of Applied Art, Denmark, Trapholt Museum of modern Art, Denmark and CLAY Ceramic Museum, Denmark.

In addition his artworks have been featured in the following publications:
Saltglaze Ceramic by Janet Mansfield.
Salt-glazed Ceramic by Rosemary Cochrane.
Saltglazing by Phil Rogers.
Stoneware by Richard Dewar.
Ceramic Narrative and Ceramic Surface by Matthias Ostermann.


Hans Börjeson


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