If the distance between China and North America is 7723 km, then what is the distance between the previous me and the current me? If there are 12 hours between home and here, what time is it now? When a new life meets an old one, that moment draws me close. Tasting newness and oldness at the same time, I become the distance and difference; I am there, here, then, now.

I explore nature, identity, sense of place, and cultural displacement. Comparing and utilizing the elements and values from the East and the West, I trace my past, find my position. Living and moving among cultures, histories, languages, and assumptions always brings more – a question or an answer?

I hand-build my sculptures part by part without a blueprint and assemble them together to achieve an unknown structure. My work is comprised of multiple layers of ceramic materials and possibilities, suspended and fired on stilts, flowing down and pooling naturally in response to the topography and gravity. During this experimental and highly unpredictable process of making, firing, and installing, the position of my work has shifted and changed, becoming a new work of art. The scene of my work now looks ambiguous – it is neither the picture of my hometown nor the view of any specific location. It is something extracted from a recollection of experience and imagination; it comes from a person who appreciates the past and embraces the possibilities of the future.