Jung-gun Park

A maker…
Making things is an instinct to human beings. It is in a person’s nature to create, whether that object is tangible or intangible… The thing that is created influences the maker as a part of his or her life.
For me, the act of making has a slightly more unique meaning. My father was an architect who physically made houses when I was young. Thus a house was more of a “made” object rather than a “bought” object. My family moved frequently from house to house and every time I could feel the house that we newly moved into. I suspect that due to such influence, making things that I want was a normal routine in my not-so-affluent childhood.
Particularly recognizing the fact that the surrounding objects were made by someone somewhere seems to have arisen from my youth.
I am still an active maker. And I hope that the objects I make play a positive role to its surrounding lives. (Currently, I am working on sculptures that are inspired by cars) Recently I’ve been working on sculpture based on cars. An automobile is an outcome of an advanced industrialization, and it represents the contemporary society. This object inevitably contains the very characteristics of modern times: efficiency, convenience, uniformity, and not to mention the extreme perils.
I focus on the fact that the object referred to as the ‘car’ was ‘made,’ and have excluded the modern characteristics of the car to recreate it as my own work.
The works are consisted of everything else other than the efficiency, convenience, and dangerousness of the car, which remain only as a mere image. They are, for instance, a human’s desire towards the car; they are something like making an object that could not be possessed in one’s childhood.


Jung-gun Park


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