Myriam Jimenez

Apart from the different series in which I structure my work, there are principally two big and evident divisions. On the one hand there are the pieces where I work with vegetable elements (gardens, scales …) and for other one what we might be call architectures (interior spaces, cities …)
In all of them there is a clear inclination towards the geometric forms where across mathematical and rational concepts I submit them to criteria of order, pace and sequence.
In turn the use of the white color is vital in my work as synthesis of all the colors and symbol of the absolute thing. The white bodies give us the idea of purity and modesty, believe a luminous impression of empty, positive infinite.
In the “Garden series”, I value the most imperceptible beauty of the nature, the tiny petals, the graceful leaves or the delicate trees, it needs to stoop at the level of the small thing and to continue meditating for a long time to understand all its sense. The garden is not an alone fruit of an exterior observation, but of the landscape internalize, of a contemplative digestion before any gesture. I try to colonize the wild space turning it into timeless and metaphysical gardens rationalized by my hand. The beauty is reaffirmed in the domestication.
In the “Mirages series”, I play with the juxtaposition of thin slabs of porcelain where the movement of the same ones, together with the effect that the lights and the shades produce, they are vital to create this mysterious atmosphere that precedes a mirage. I usually work with graphical designs that are interesting or attractive for their pace, symmetry, geometry … and that are in our daily landscape.
In the ” Inner Spaces series”, we meet a few labyrinths of courts where the light plays for their angles and edges, marking strongly the geometry of their contour. In these spaces it dominates the deep sensation of loneliness only it rotates for the darkness and the depth of their doors where the look is attracted as if someone was hiding in the interior. But the loneliness is absolute and the emptiness only is occupied temporarily by the look of the spectator.
” Closed spaces ” is an evolution of the ” Inner Spaces “. Here I give one more step towards the isolation of the exterior covering with thin slabs what before they were wide courts. Now the look of the spectator cannot penetrate in its interior, there is no place for the interferences. Nothing can enter and nothing can go out, which happens in its interior nobody knows.
In the ” Urban Landscapes series “, I depart from graphical designs that for their pace, symmetry and geometry seems to me to be attractive and what form a part of our urban daily sights. It is vital in this type of murals the game with the lights and the shades which contrast liberates all the depth and the sense of the work.


Myriam Jimenez


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