Rika Herbst


If my work could speak, I would want it to whisper. I aim to create unique pieces that inspire contemplation and enjoyment. I achieve this by creating textures that compel touch and provoke memory, and by playing with light and shadow to enhance the quality of the clay.

Nature is my main source of inspiration and delight. I am particularly drawn to forests and their trees, which I find awe-inspiring. Trees are a source of oxygen, and the branches and roots of trees are entangled, reflecting the interconnectedness of humans too. The resilience of trees to survive different circumstances is reflected in our behaviour, which is fluid and adaptable. Looking up through trees filled with leaves, we seek the light. In spring, we seek the green of new leaves and birds chirping, in autumn, we enjoy the leaves being shed, and in winter, we stare at the barren branches.

My carving, texturing, and piercing technique is a cumulative and intensive process. It takes time and requires a deep connection with the clay. By weaving a narrative that highlights the interconnectedness of our existence, I aim to explore different cultures and the transformation of traditions.

As life evolves, my work evolves too. Once created, each piece is a path to an expression which possesses an essence of life, a statement of being. The ethereal qualities of porcelain are my passion, and exploring the material is an ongoing journey. The juxtaposition of working with heavier pieces for the wood firing, and using heavier clay bodies and raw materials for natural glazing keeps me grounded. It opens the possibility of painting with fire!


Rika Herbst


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