Rika Herbst

In the realm of my creations, I aspire for my work to be a subtle whisper rather than a loud proclamation. My goal is to create distinctive pieces that invite contemplation and bring joy to those who engage with them.

In my artistic practice, I am driven by the desire to create textures that invite touch, evoke memories, and play with the interplay of light and shadows on clay surfaces. Each piece is infused with the essence of life, a tangible statement of existence. My fascination lies in the ethereal qualities of porcelain, and my artistic journey is a continuous exploration of this delicate material.

Recently, my exploration led me to delve into the fascinating realm of wood-firing. Beginning in 2018 with a small philosopher’s kiln and later expanding to a down-draught fast-fire kiln in 2020, I embarked on a profound exploration of raw materials for clays and glazes suitable for reduction and atmospheric firing. This journey introduced me to the art of painting with flames and the enchanting phenomenon of ash glazing.

In my latest body of porcelain work, I have embraced the use of acid as a masking agent, coupled with soluble salts and rare earth minerals. These elements enrich my designs while preserving the porcelain’s translucency. I have also transitioned to darker and heavier clay bodies, enhancing the forms through the intricate surface decorations achieved in the firing process. Deliberate finger marks, left intentionally, become a signature of my creations and identity.

Every piece I create is a testament to my evolving artistic expression, capturing the essence of life and the enduring beauty of clay transformed by fire. Through my work, I seek to engage viewers in a sensory experience, inviting them to explore the tangible and intangible layers of existence, memory, and light.


Rika Herbst

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