Wei JIN (金 巍)

My sculpture creation is mainly based on the physical properties of materials and their own expressive force. With my personal appeal to The Times to think and express ideas, I materialize my thoughts and gains in the objective “limits”. There is no doubt that today’s material world is both developed and unprecedented. With the deepening of the globalization era, various materials can be found almost everywhere, and materials are no longer an important factor restricting artistic creation. So in the current artistic creation, how should the artist view the material? How to effectively reflect the uniqueness of materials in artistic creation? What effect can materials themselves bring to artistic creation? How does the material play the role of “adding or subtracting” to the communication of artistic concepts? Objectively speaking, compared with painting, these problems are more targeted to the current sculpture creators. It is also a problem that we have to face in order to move forward. And I, as a sculptor, often think about these questions; And put my thoughts and ideas into the work.