Xavier Monsalvatje

“The statement contains two thoughts: on the one side, it indicates that the essence of man has been neither seen nor explored yet; on the other, that the existence of man is neither fixed nor secured yet. However, an American reseacher has recently explained that” man will be the only animal capable of managing their own evolution”. But, nevertheless, the cibernetycs is forced to confess that so far it is not possible yet to have a total control of he human being. For that reason, in the universal field of cybernetic science, man is still “a factor of disturbance”. the apparently free to make plans and the human performance have a disturbing effect.”
M. Heidegger
The origins of art and the determination of thought

My work is based on the study of the industrialization process, especially in the architecture that has been generated during this time period.
Architecture that has influenced urban planning, landscape and social lifestyle, and that has generated constructions that evoke cathedrals of a new belief based on the development, growth and endless enrichment.
I have been searching for the aesthetic element of the manifestations of the industrial advance that gave way to the era of technology in which it forms a new face of power and a technocratic society, where citizens survive in this dehumanized post-industrial landscape.
During this period of industrialization, there have been major social changes. Some of these transformations, which are being experienced at the moment, have been coming from developed models for over a century.
Although the most radical changes have occurred in our envirorment, which is becoming more and more hostile for humans; hardly habitable for the common consumer society, but a stark space for the societiy that has been exploited and turned into a first-class dumping ground.