Agnès Husz

Expression in clay
The matrix of my work is a series of spirals.
One of the very important aspects is the active life force of the clay.
I let myself be carried by the mystery of a process that is repeated again and again.
Stretching the clay strip by hand, flinging it up into the air, and slapping it down on a
board. In doing so, the inside structure of the clay has changed.
The clay particles are reconstructed and as such give a beautiful relief to the surface.
However, this beauty is not my goal.
The long flat clay strip is necessary to make a shape, to mould a form, that would not be possible any other way.
It is similar to drawing in space with a pencil or a brush – a space drawing.
The beauty of the surface is something extra, a kind of gift.
Furthermore, this reconstruction of the clay particles is visible, noticeable to the viewer,
and gives a particular aesthetic to my work marking its unique characteristic.
During the last 25 years, I have widely developed this surprising new world of expression in ceramics.
It has incredible possibilities.