Chen Ray

Henry Moore says “sculpture must have life in it. Creating a vitality and life within a form, gives it meaning and primitive power infused with humanist content”. Conceptually, Mother and Child is from tradition to contemporary, from realistic emotional expression to abstract presentation, from East to West.
For the last several years, I have addressed in my work the central relationship between my mother and myself. Eastern culture and my family education have shaped my (early) life…be humble, be polite, be patient, preserve harmony but be sensitive. I have learned and grown from a process of time and culture, and a strong sense of history and values. Mother and Child is a connection over space and distance with my mother. It is a measurement in feelings through my own personal experience, presenting movement, energy, love, relation, honesty, and integrity. The energy radiates from the point where the pieces touch. Feelings toward my mother and her devastating illness mesh into one. Negative space and lines are drawn between internal and external emotions.
In my sculptures, the exploration of form, space and lines, have become an outer language to embody my inner feelings. The composition of gestural abstract forms is effected strongly by the spaces between forms. The objective is to draw a rich portrait that is charged with emotional and spiritual vision.
Mother and child is universal. Clay and fire transcend the value of humbleness and express the texture of emotions. Mother and Child is a timeless statement of maternal love.


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