Ines Rother

Art is on so many levels a sensual and at the same time intellectual experience. Not only visually, but necessarily also haptically. Thus, my ceramic art invites us to touch and  » read « , and at the same time it touches. Not only the examination of the visually experienceable, it seduces us to go on a journey of discovery, to perceive, to observe, it surprises and offers a wealth and variety of  » information  » for our senses. This is my wish for the viewer to enjoy these experiences. Artists work with and on many materials, be it canvas, paper or wood, for example. Among other things, I paint and draw on ceramics, whether they are turned, built up or modelled – the surfaces scratched – provided with textures and structures. In my work, the two trades of painting and ceramics are brought together with high demands on the creative, form-giving craft and equally high demands on the free art. In this way, the « painterly ground » – the picture – becomes a sculpture and an object and vice versa. This ceramic-sculptural  » painting ground  » is therefore three-dimensional and brings with it the special feature that these objects not only design interiors and make them tangible, but also open up wonderful possibilities for outdoor designs. I paint with engobes, underglazes, glazes – apply them with brushes, sponges, spatulas, etc.; draw with oxide pencils or print with ceramic colours. This is a process that takes many days and weeks. I fire these multi-layered, unique stoneware objects at 1220° degrees. They all bear my unmistakable imaginative signature. My painting lives from many fields of tension and contrasts – from calm and expressive surfaces, from informal – abstract and again fragmentary representational, lines become surfaces, graphic elements are in communication with intuitive, playful – drawing cut-outs. Let yourself be inspired and carried away, discover something new again and again, feel and share my joy in creating such works of art that outlast us all!


Ines Rother


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