Janina Myronowa

In my artistic work I am interested in showing human relationships and everyday life situations. I present human body in untypical proportions. Each figure has its own history. I combine my ceramic works with graphics which allows me to have a different perspective on what I do in space. Graphical themes which occur in my works are related directly to an object, histories sometimes arrange themselves in layers. I combine linear drawing with colorful accents. In the works I show not only a healthy body, but also an imperfect one, for example in “Perfection in Imperfection” series. At the same time I address the problem of accepting one’s body. In figurative compositions animals also appear alongside human figures. Some of them emerge spontaneously and then I try to figure out the source of such connections.
In design projects the combination of function and color is substantial for me. Characteristic and distinctive form harmonizes with the material. I want to leave some liberty in the reception of the object. Often it is the user who decides how to utilize the device. My works are some kind of instruments to play with the recipient and space. I like to work with porcelain as a noble white background for conducting experiments in which the emotional factor is highly important. I merge porcelain with other materials which give color to the objects. I analyze the role of color in applied form, how the color influences the perception of the object, and how it changes its reception. You can often find humoristic elements in my works too.


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