Johanna Rytkölä

The thematic starting points of my artworks are now paradise, the fabled, idealized location. I also regard paradise as a state of being, the experience of happiness. My works address the paradisiacal at the everyday and personal level. Do paradises exist? What is paradise, and can paradises be found in everyday life? What places, events and moments have been paradises, experiences of significance? Experiences, that have produced feelings of wellbeing and happiness.

I underline the significance of everyday events and phenomena as sources of strength, empowerment and happiness. The scent of a garden, taking a shower, wrapping birthday present or even seeing the tracks of skates on ice can become deep experiences producing happiness. They flow into clay and finally, through many stages, achieve concrete form as ceramic works of art. My works are characterized by a distinct, almost abstract, language of form, strong, tropical colours and often an impression of movement.


Johanna Rytkölä


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