Kristin Andreassen

I have been working with clay most of my life. I think of it as me
working together with the clay, collaborating with it and challenging it to
do its best,
as the clay is challenging me. Porcelain gives the fine details and clear colours,
but is a challenging material that will never let me take good results for granted. I am especially interested in materials and techniques, and continuously try out
new techniques and surface possibilities. My work in ceramics is much
about surfaces applied on a form carrying a story.
The surface has always been interesting to mankind. It may be seductive,
treacherous, cold, warm, or have almost any character. Underneath it processes
are going on that creates tensions on the surface. They are our only possibilities
to understand what is happening behind the surface. By studying a surface it may be possible to have a glimpse of, or understand what is going on behind it.
A viewers own experiences affect how to interpret the hidden messages of a surface.


Kristin Andreassen


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