Oficinas do Convento

Oficinas do Convento is a Nonprofit Association for Art and Communication, based in Montemor-o-Novo, Alentejo. Is Non Governmental Organization for Development since 2009 and UNESCO Center since 2010.

Since its foundation in 1996, it has developed numerous projects within the Visual and Performing Arts, Heritage, Architecture, Community, Ecology, conferences, training activities in different areas, Art Residencies, festivals and other cultural activities. It has several services in different areas of intervention: visual arts, sound and image, digital manufacturing, ceramics and in the field of sustainable architecture.

The Association has two different poles: the St. Francis Convent and The Earth and Ceramics Workshops:

Oficinas da Cerâmica e da Terra (Earth and Ceramics Workshops)

The name to identify the set of three spaces, which although with specific purposes, especially on a technical level, do not cease to be strongly interconnected. They are: Telheiro da Encosta do Castelo – dedicated primarily to artisanal production of construction materials according to traditional precepts of the region, ceramic pastes production, large scale ceramic sculpture and wood kilns; the Ceramics Research Center – which occupies the former public wash houses in the neighborhood of S. Pedro, focuses especially on training and artistic creation with the ceramic material, glazing works, plaster moulds, electric and gas kilns and the Earth Lab -which focuses on issues of raw earth, especially regarding architecture.

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