Institute V-oglje has long strived to improve the reputation of ceramics in Slovenia, to rise awareness of the importance of education and quality of artworks, to connect ceramists and promote them at home and abroad. That is the reason we are active in professional literature, organising exhibitions, professional events, workshops and classes, and organising the International Symposium of Ceramic Art
V-oglje since 2006. It is how we meet different artists from all over the world, create with them, listen to their lectures, etc. Based on the works created at the V-oglje Symposium, a permanent collection of art ceramics has been created at the Šenčur Museum – it is the only collection of its kind in Slovenia. We are very proud of it, for it is very diverse and educational. The permanent collection also includes the works of several members of IAC/AIC. So far, we have hosted 140 artists from 31 countries.