Ning Gang

Works by Zou Xiaosong

“The Locality of Ceramic Art – Taking Jingdezhen Ceramic Art as an Example”


This paper analyzes the locality of ceramic art through examples of the development in Jingdezhen, such as introducing representatives and works of the craftsmen, the Jingpiao (drifters in Jingdezhen), and the college teachers. Jingdezhen’s ceramic design is not just an integrated industry, but also a classic culture that should be
inherited and innovated. 

To analyze and study the matter of “locality,” it is necessary to shape the cultural landscape of the entire ancient porcelain capital from multiple perspectives. In the future, when people talk about Jingdezhen’s ceramic design, they will not only think of the ceramic products that are produced here, but also the ceramics-related economic and cultural activities that surrounds this attractive city.

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