Ellen Spijkstra

I was born and raised in the Netherlands. In 1980, one year after graduating from Academy Minerva, School for Fine Arts and Design, Groningen, NL (1974-1979), I moved to the Caribbean; to the tiny island of Curaçao.

This is where I started my career as a visual artist. I established my ceramic studio and started giving classes. After winning a local photo competition in 1985, photography became an important aspect of my artistic work as well.
My tropical island environment is the fundamental inspiration that embodies my work: the interesting textures and shapes of the weathered (coral) stones on the beach, the pattern of a leaf, or how the reflection of a ship colors the water.
My work is about harmony, balance and tranquility. Materials and the process of erosion or damage fascinate me. I use this in rhythmic compositions or forms.