Hongbo XU

XU Hongbo was born in September 1971 in Jingdezhen, China .
MA of arts for ceramics at Fine art school of the university of Shangai, China .
BA of arts at the Institute of the ceramics of Jingdezhen, China.
The head of Ceramics Art Program of Zhaoqing University.The director of NOHO studio in Shenzhen ,Guangdong, China

—About Clones: My idea came from the way of casting for making pottery and biological Clone. I have one set of mould which consist of four unattached moulds for different parts of one baby-body. The parts are put together with slip when four parts of clay body are ready. The way of combining is unreasonable and random but make the place of combine smooth and look like “natural”. I have made several hundreds of bodies which have different kinds of shapes, some of them putting into hospital jar, which can be seen one shape as glance from same mould, symbolizing Clone. More importance is that they look like nature but against nature! From far view you would be happy for finding many babies, but when you get closer you would be disturbing for your new finding! It seems to be related to morality of science and culture research or something else. I used the traditional porcelain baby with traditional celadon glaze to make new ceramics works, gas kiln 1300c.
Xu hongbo

—About SBC Swiss bowls:…by positioning himself, Xu Hongbo clearly positioned his artistic act, sensitive to the societal data’s. By his approach and the lighting which he proposes, it is to a kind of social acupuncture that he participates, and so, demonstrates in a convincing way the possible space for ceramic, this traditional art, within the contemporary art expression.
Jacques Kaufmann