KOCEF – Korea Ceramic Foundation

The Korea Ceramic Foundation has been making history and building a lasting impact on Korean ceramic culture since the hosting of the World Ceramic Exposition in 2001. The Foundation, taking the difficult realities of the Korean ceramic world into account, is putting its utmost efforts into not only expanding the scope of the ceramic culture industry but also succeeding the value of traditional Korean ceramics, and therefore stimulating the development of the Korean ceramic culture and industry. In particular, the Foundation has established a “ceramic tour line” connecting the three major ceramic sites in Korea – Gonjiam Ceramic Park, Icheon Cerapia, and Yeoju Dojasaesang – as part of its efforts to overcome the regional limitations and financial difficulties as a public museum. Based on this tour program, the Foundation is opening an era of ceramic journey leading to a turning point in the popularization of ceramic culture. Through the Korean International Ceramic Biennale which has been held ten times over the past 20 years, the Foundation puts its ceaseless effort to spread ceramic culture by shedding new light on the values of traditional Korean ceramics, and playing a pivotal role in establishing Korea as a leader in world ceramics. Moreover, the “Ceramic Public Art Projects,” which creates jobs for ceramists, is drawing attention from all across the nation through the projects of transforming cities more charming by utilizing ceramic materials, and thus changing public’s perceptions of ceramics. The Korea Ceramic Foundation, pioneering the Korean ceramic industry with infinite opportunities, promises to fulfill its responsibility to create a beautiful world through ceramics.


KOCEF – Korea Ceramic Foundation