Sidika Sibel Sevim

Prof. S. Sibel SEVIM is a ceramic artist and academic. Recognizing that art has existed alongside humanity throughout history, the artist advocates for the presence of art in all aspects of life, stating that “art; sometimes sculpture, sometimes painting, sometimes poetry… is the beauty of it being where it should be, as it should be.” As an academic ceramic artist, she has produced various sculptures, forms, and wall elements. Believing that art should be present everywhere, the artist, after a production process of approximately 40 years, has started to produce jewelry by combining ceramic art with different materials for the past five years. By bringing together the enchanting aura of ceramic art with bodies through her jewelry, she has contributed to creating a different field within ceramic art. Analyzing world and Anatolian civilizations from east to west in her recent jewelry pieces, which are scaled-down versions of large sculptures and forms, she has charted her own path in art, stating that her main goal is to “bring art together with bodies.”
Prof. Sibel SEVIM, who has two books in her field, was awarded the “University Textbook Copyright and Translation Award” by TÜBA (Turkish Academy of Sciences) for her book “Ceramics: Decorations and Application Techniques.” Additionally, she has numerous articles and papers published in national and international journals and conference proceedings. Her works are found in various official and private collections both domestically and internationally, and she has received five awards in the field of ceramics. She served as the Head of the Ceramic Department at Anadolu University, Faculty of Fine Arts, between 2007 and 2013, and as the Director of the Institute of Fine Arts at Anadolu University between 2011 and 2017. In 2024, Prof. S. Sibel SEVIM was granted the “Artist Introduction Card” by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism as a Non-Tangible Cultural Heritage Carrier.


Sidika Sibel Sevim




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