Supphaka Palprame

My creative art works were inspired by “nature” through a process of ceramics. The works utilized a wide variety of clay, techniques, glazes and firing, my creation of ceramic artworks under the concept “less is more”.
The theme “nature” in my creative works was based upon two different parts.
1. The nature of senses. This kind of nature could be felt through visual observation and sensual touch of natural things. The “pure and pristine” beauty arises from aesthetic, emotion and appreciable satisfaction without any embellishment. This natural beauty helps create emotional sensitivity and creates relaxing feeling when experienced. I has translated such beauty appeared in natural landscapes, such as mountainous ranges, marine views, celestial sky and grass and flower meadows, into her inspiration of these creative works
2. The nature of objects. This kind of nature involves the materials and ceramic processes themselves, which were utilized as media for me to express my imagination. They include the clay, the glaze and the firing. Each piece was hand-formed and wheel-thrown using terracotta, stoneware and porcelain clay. Physical traces and scratches resulted from the forming processes were deliberately left out on the pieces in order to reinforce the natural aspect in the work pieces. This condition resulted in harmonious adhesion of the glaze with the underlying traces and scratches on the clay surface. Such appearances help emphasize and bring out the atmosphere and emotion of the works towards a higher level of natural beauty.
These creative ceramic artworks satisfactorily reflect and emphasize the importance of integration between art of creativity and science of glazing. The knowledge obtained from this project could potentially be beneficial for various groups including educational institutions, artists, entrepreneurs and general public. In addition, the results from this research could also be used as a guideline for further developing knowledge in ceramics, especially towards a wide variety of ceramic glazes.
That mean the knowledge and experience of works combined with imagination leading to creation.


Supphaka Palprame