Maria Oriza-Perez

Vacuum is in the genesis of my work as inmaterial container.
This is a direct consequence of my understanding by building up the volume focused on manipulating of the plane: cutting, joining, bending, folding…
All these physical actions directly affect the material defining the flow of shape and setting the language that describes part of the content. From this analysis, multiple symbolic and metaphorical connotations arise.

This method of achieving volume from a flat surface, offers the possibility to fill the vacuum created with meaning and clearly perceive the energy that flows between interior and exterior along with the various surfaces of the walls.
Intervention through drawing lines, nets, or patterns are repetitive elements in the surface that serves to demonstrate the formal structure of the volume, giving it unity and coherence.

When approaching installations, I explore space occupation through repeating elements, the resulting work is similar to the growth of abstract nature. The drawing surface changes through the viewers movement and changing perspective, brings with it many connotations extending the shape´s limitation.