Yanze Jiang

From 2003, I started to make some functional objects such as teapots and vases.  As a pragmatist in some degree, I hope that people can use my works and appreciate them in their daily lives.  In addition, I want these pieces to carry their own personalities and to be able to speak by themselves.  Inspired by all kinds of different human gestures in ancient Chinese rituals, I often utilize human figures as subject.  This kind of anthropomorphism makes these teapots and cups speaking. However, making functional pieces is not the final goal I would like to achieve.  I assembled these functional objects in different ways to achieve vibrations of the structure.  Stack them together out of order, and try to rebuild them as a whole with order. What I want to explore is the conceptual line between valuable and useless, function and concept, craft and art, deconstruction and reconstruction.


Yanze Jiang


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