Ray Chen

Ray Chen, « Mother and Child » (2016)

« Multiple Modernisms »: A Perspective on Contemporary Asian Globalism »


« Multiple Modernisms »: A perspective on contemporary Asian globalism reflects the critical thinking process, development, and artistic evolution that have opened a vast array of possibilities and challenges worldwide as they break through cultural barriers and confirm their evolutionary path to a more vibrant contemporary ceramic arts expression in the Twenty-First Century. The globalization of cultures in Asia forges multi-layered experiences and stimulates an emerging aesthetic and cultural consciousness. It holds different views which contribute towards new learning experiments, specifically involving Western learning and adaptation to Western cultures. Asia is re-structuring its position on learning with a new mentality, which fosters growth and promotes cultural exchanges. 

From Asian tradition to modern times, ceramics and its expression of context, permeated with critical thinking, initiative, cultural significance, and emerging technological innovations, fulfill an important role throughout the world. It entices us to explore ceramic arts in a new context, instinctively motivated by its inviting and responsive sensory qualities. Today, the creative process and artistic expression must reach beyond the boundaries of human development, time, culture, and history to expand and impact the changing dynamics of the visible and invisible natural forces that allow the questioning and redefining of new possibilities. Asian modernism and its globalization not only impact diverse areas of ceramic production but also provide a new base for rethinking and modifying the way we imagine, understand, and are more creative and knowing what is “current,” and challenges our boundaries and artistic movements.

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